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Three new products

Hodi International announces three new products!
Surprising, innovative, colourful, subtle and (off course) very well priced!
         Pochetto Large: Full Color print, nice shape and form and equipped
          with a beautiful napkin in airlaid quality.  See more
         Pochetto Extra Large: Full Color printed in a wider shape. Designed
          to hold at least 6 pieces of cutlery. The Pochetto Extra Large is also
          equipped with a beautiful airlaid napkin.  See more
         Doublett: A cutlery sleeve in a booklet shape! The Doubletto offers
          superb printing possibilities! Designed for the trendsetters amongst
          our customers!  See more
Here it is, the new Pochetto Kraftlook
Hodi International announces three new...
Hodi International will exhibit on the...

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