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Overview: Naptidi cutlery sleeves


The NapTidi is a patented cutlery sleeve, available in two sizes: the NapTidi Large and the NapTidi Small.
NapTidi Large is pre-loaded with a white 2-ply facial quality dinner napkin of 40x40 cm (16x16 Inch).
The NapTidi Small is pre-loaded with a white 2-ply facial quality dinner napkin
of 33x33 cm (13x13 Inch). Both sizes can also be preloaded with 20 other napkin colors.

NapTidi can be produced with or without a closable flap.
The closable flap option contributes to an even more chic, charming and desirable cutlery presentation.
With or without the closable flap, NapTidi is an upscale, less time consuming and super hygienic cutlery presentation concept for everyone.
The NapTidi is available in 12 contemporary designs and can also be custom designed with your company logo and branding message.

The NapTidi is functional, efficient, upscale, hygienic, time-saving and the best marketing tool possible!
If you are interested in receiving NapTidi samples, please hit the contact button.

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