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Overview: Kid Surprise Kit

Kid Surprise Kit:

The Kid Surprise Kit is a NapTidi (Large) cutlery sleeve, but made for Kids only!

The full color printed cutlery sleeve is off course pre-loaded with a
2-ply 40x40 cm. napkin.

On the backside of the sleeve, we have designed a coloring picture for the kids to draw!
Unique for kids having fun in kinder gardens, amusement parks, and all other places where kids are important guests!
The Kid Surprise Kits are available in three funny designs:
A neutral design in red with the “I bumped my head” billy goat.
A pink design for girls with princesses and a blue pirates design for boys.
The Kid Surprise Kits are packed per 600 Pcs.
Please click here to view our standard design Kid Surprise Kits.
We can off course make your own Kid Surprise Kit custom printed (minimum run per design 12.000 Pcs. per design)

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