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Naptidi printed: Naptidi large printed

NapTidi Large Full Color printed (Including 40x40 cm. 2-ply napkin):
The NapTidi Cutlery Sleeve can be made full personalized. With your logo, text, pictures etc. it turns into a subtile advertising/marketing item for your company.
Advantages and functionality:
1.  Extremely hygienic.
2.  Printed with your logo, text, pictures, etc. it is always a perfect “fit” an any
3.  Subtile marketing item: The NapTidi is a “mini-brochure”, advertising your
     restaurant throughout the whole meal.
4.  Very time efficient: the fastest way of preparing/presenting your cutlery.
5.  Affordable: The NapTidi cutlery sleeve offers the best printing techniques
     against the lowest price.

Our services is all-in: Our pricing includes designing, plate- and preparation charges, the pre-loaded napkin and full color printing.
The production time of personalized NapTidi Cutlery Sleeves is 6 weeks.
The personalized napTidi Cutlery Sleeves are packed per 500 / Case.
Size NapTidi Large: 23,5 x 7,2 cm.
Minimum run per design: 12.000 Pcs. (24 cases, each 500 Pcs.)

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