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Naptidi cateringpack: Cateringpack Naptidi

NapTidi CateringPack:
The CateringPack is a “ready to use” cutlery pack, containing:
A Full Color Printed NapTidi cutlery Sleeve, pre-loaded with a 2-ply napkin in facial quality. Furthermore the CateringPack is pre- packed with high quality cutlery, making it “ready to use” for all your events or buffets!
We offer three different types of cutlery to be placed into the CateringPack:
CateringPack StandardLine:
Pre-loaded with high quality disposable white cutlery (high quality)
CateringPack GreenLine:
Pre-Loaded with our 100% biodegradable GreenLine cutlery (click here for more information)
CateringPack SilverLine:
Pre-loaded with beautiful “Silverlook” disposable cutlery.
Contact us here for your custom made CateringPack.

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