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The Coronavirus: How do we deal with it?

Now that the world is facing new challenges due to the unprecedented outbreak of the Corona virus, we have also taken measures.
Although we only play a limited role, we want to be able to guarantee that we can continue to support you.

Measures that guarantee the continuity of business operations have the following concrete consequences:

  • No appointments are made “outside the door”.
  • The appointments already made will, in consultation, be postponed to a later date.
  • In case of “urgency” we will of course immediately help you where ever we can!
  • Our company is now divided into teams. We work from various locations, both internally and externally.
  • We are continuously available as you can expect from us.
  • Our colleagues from the warehouses and logistics are divided into 2 shifts and are therefore available 12 hours a day.
  • Our production locations continue to produce - of course with due observance of ALL measures.

If we can support you further in the coming weeks, we would of course like to hear from you!


Welcome to Hodi International BV.
       Innovators in disposables

Your Global Destination for Innovative Food and Beverage Disposable Products.
We manufacture a variety of patented disposable products for the Foodservice industry in more than 28 countries. Our innovative products are functional, efficient, upscale, hygienic, time-saving and environmental friendly.
With our broad market knowledge we distinguish ourselves through the highest quality standards available that creates strong and invigorating relationships with our customers.


We updated our photogalery

NEW: Pochetto-Eco

Never refuse to reuse: Hodi International launches the Pochetto-Eco: made with 100% recycled paper!


Our customers know we include a new product in our assortment every year.


We are happy to introduce you to the youngest member of our family: the Pochetto-Eco.


With the motto “Never refuse to reuse” the Pochetto-Eco is the only cutlery pouch available on the market that is fully, thus including the napkin, produced using recycled materials!


To introduce this novelty we have created three beautiful standard designs for you (view them here).


Of course, the Pochetto-Eco can be fully customised for you from 12.500 pieces on. It is our custom to print the “recycle” logo for you. This way you create your own atmosphere at your tables, but with a green, conscious and responsible appearance to your guests.


Need to know more?
Hit the contact button, leave your message and a member of our competent staff will contact you within one working day!




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